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Sustainability has been one of our priorities from the start. We as a compnay are aware of our responsibility to society and our planet. It is our goal to work as sustainable as possible. Therefore we have developed differnt stratagies to incorperate into our daily business.


One of these strategies is to produce high quality, long lasting products. As is tradition with quilts, we wish for our customers to be able to pass on their quilts from generation to gerneration, with great joy. 

Ney and Niq Stofstapel

We also pay close attention to new we aquire. We prioritise natural materials and fabrics.

Recyling second hand textiles is aslo part of our practise. We think it is imported to create high quality pieces with preloved items and give them a new life and longavaty.


When it comes to recyled materials we can‘t 100% garantee they be of natural materials. Over time it is very hard to tell what certain pieces aremade of. In these cases we prefer to recycle the item instead of just throwing them away. Quiting creates a lot of scrappy bits of fabric. These are also reused to create new quilts and quilows.

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