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About us

Ney and Niq is a young and dynamic company based on values of sustainability and good quality handmade products. 

Founded in 2019, we produce mainly quilts and other quilted pieces, made in Germany.

We strive to combine modern day designs with the old tradition of making products by hand. 

When it come to our interior design pieces, we create them with the intend of being combined and put together in all different wayes. Therefore our Quilts and Quillows become the highlight of your home, office, hotel and store.


One of our most strong values is sustainability. Our materials and fabrics are carefully chosen to provide a long life and little impact on the environement. 


It is our goal to only include natural materials in our production. Also it is part of our daily practise to recycle preloved and second hand textiles to give them a new life purpose. 




"As a child I loved to craft all different types of things. All I wanted to do is create things. I still remember the first piece I ever sewed. It was a little pillow with a zebra on it, I sewed and fille dit by hand. To say I was very proud of myself is an understatement. I hade not only found, but concuered a whole new world!


Creating Ney and Niq gives me an opportunity to share my passion for sewing with others and maybe in the future teach others what I have learned along the way."


"In life I am constantly searching for new challenges, therefore I always wanted to put together this project. Ney and Niq is an exiting Project, because my business interests can be combined with my passion for sustainable and handmade high quality creations. It also give me the opportunity to work with like minded people, which is a great privilege."

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