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Welcome to the enchanting world of our handmade Teddi Bears! Teddi is created with love and the utmost care in Germany. To make Teddi especially environmentally friendly, we rely on traditional craftsmanship. We exclusively use natural materials and breathe new life into fabric scraps and recycled clothing items. This way, unique creations are born, making the world a little bit better.

In each of our Teddi Bears, you will find flexible, plastic-free joints and radiant glass eyes that not only ensure incredible durability but also allow Teddi to be lovingly repaired in our RePair workshop when needed.

Our experienced Teddi makers craft each Teddi as an unparalleled masterpiece with their expertise. They pour their hearts into every detail to offer you and your loved ones an unforgettable cuddling experience that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Welcome to Teddi - where love, sustainability, and masterful craftsmanship come together in every bear!

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